Optimization 2016-2017

Lecturer: Zsófia Lendek

About this course

This course concerns numerical methods for optimization. It is part of the Bachelor of Science program of the Automation Department, UTCluj (4th year 2nd semester). As prerequisites, knowledge of analysis and linear algebra is needed, together with notions of Matlab programming. The responsible lecturer is Zsófia Lendek.


Completing all the laboratory assignments and defending the project is required before being admitted to the exam. For more details, see the Evaluation rules. You can check your current status here.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes are available below:

Practical classes

In the practical classes, a set of assignments must be solved. You may work in groups of at most 2. An exercises is completed when the method is implemented and the corresponding problem is solved. For a (very) short introduction of the algorithms to be used and examples, see the lab guide. The Matlab files corresponding to the second lab session are available here.


This project aims to help students gaining experience with searching for literature, writing a survey, and presenting scientific work.

The project will be performed in groups of three students. Project material:

  1. General project description (PDF). This description applies to all the topics; please read it carefully. A template for the final report in .doc can be found here and in .tex here.
  2. Paper review form (DOC). Use this form to review the paper of your group.
  3. Presentation review form (DOC). Use this form to review a presentation tryout of your group.
  4. A single topic from the list below.

Each group of students will choose one topic from the following list. Have a look at the topics to determine which of them fit your background and preferences best. Select a topic and email your selection to Zsófia Lendek, including your names in the message. You will then receive a confirmation email that contains the title of the topic that has been allocated to your group. Your selection is not final until confirmed by the lecturer!

The following topics have already been taken:


Comments, suggestions, questions etc. related to this course or website are welcome; please contact the lecturer.